Make-up remover glove

Cleans, disinfects, oxygenates and hypoallergenic, ideal for all skin types. Free shipment.


* Watch video use at the end of this page.

Only with water removes eye and face makeup without staining or dragging. This innovative glove eliminates traditional methods of skin cleansing. It is also ideal for cleaning the dirt and daily pollution accumulated at the skin making it "breath" better. The innovative Qui-Fibra allows to reach every part of the skin, leaving it perfectly clean. White, without dyes that can cause irritation, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin, even that of the smallest. For people who want to enjoy healthy and clean skin.

Ecological solution that saves money and space in your bathroom, since it does not generate waste unlike traditional methods (cotton discs, etc). It works very well both individually and in your daily routine in combination with other cleaning methods.

Reusable glove very easy to use: 1. Moisten the glove with water before use. 2. Clean with circular movements on the makeup to be removed or the skin to be cleaned. 3. Rinse the glove with warm water and a few drops of hand soap. 4. Let dry by hanging the glove through the practical ring at its end. *sporadically and for a deeper cleaning of the glove can be washed in a washing machine (max.60ºC) but do not use bleach or iron. 

To offer an excellent result, this product only needs clean water. Average time of use: 4 to 6 months. High quality, ease of use, comfort and effectiveness.

* Available in a larger size: the Plus Cleanser .

The makeup glove is ideal for traveling and the cleanser to have at home.

QUI-fiber technology: The QUI-fiber are microfibres of advanced Nano technology, formed by polyester and polyamide. The yarn obtained is divided into 16 ultra-microfibres chosen for their softness, resistance, absorption and cleaning capacity. The resulting ultramicrofibre is extremely thin, with a thickness of 0.13 DEN, one gram contains 70000m. long and one cm2 100,000 ultra-microfibers approx. The triangular shape of the cross section of the polyester provides the greatest cleaning effect. Another advantage is the lower amount of movements and time compared to traditional cleaning methods, from 60 to 30 movements. Free of alcohols, colors and detergents, therefore, it is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.