Quiskin "Innovative technology"

Polish company that has found the balance between enhancing the natural beauty of the skin and bring comfort to the day, with innovative products easy to use.


QUISKIN is based in Krakow, where it carries out all its processes. Quiskin introduces the benefits of technology to the cosmetics world, offering innovative products for people who want to enjoy healthy and clean skin, who value the environment, saving time, ease of use and results. Quiskin is already present in 20 countries, these are the Quiskin products:

Quiskin makeup remover gloves:

            This innovative product eliminates traditional methods of                                cleansing the skin using cosmetics. Using only the Quiskin glove and a little water, we eliminate ...........* More information at the gloves make-up removers section.

Ozone products:
Based on the composition of essential oils and ozone molecules. Dermatologically tested. Cleans and disinfects.



Enjoy now the innovative Quiskin products! More information at the product file