It's time to revolutionize the elimination of MakeUp!



✔ Cleans and removes eyes, face and neck only with water without staining or dragging. The glove shape allows you to easily press on the most difficult areas such as eyes, lips, etc.

✔ Hypoallergenic, ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive or with problems of irritation / allergic to products, etc., including babies. White, without dyeing, free of alcohols, without colors or detergents that can cause irritation. By not using any product, the glove is ideal for everyone. If the gloves had color it would not look good if they clean and collect dirt.

✔ Oxygenates and stimulates micro-circulation, leaves skin soft and exfoliated. It cleans the dirt and daily pollution accumulated in the skin making the cells breathe better. It improves the results of other aesthetic or cosmetic treatments since they penetrate better by having the pore clean.

✔ Ecological since it does not generate waste unlike traditional methods of skin cleansing. In a society that increasingly values ​​the environment, Quiskin gloves help preserve it. Bring out your essence!

✔ Reusable and very easy to use. Average time of use: 4 to 6 months. How to use: 1. Moisten the glove. 2. Clean the makeup to be removed or the skin to be cleaned with circular movements. 3. Rinse with water. 4. Let dry by hanging through the practical ring at its end. Sporadically and for a deeper cleaning, it can be washed with hand soap or in a washing machine (max. 60ºC) * do not use bleach or iron. As the glove is used, it loses its nuclear target, but this does not diminish its functionality or leave remains in the area to be cleaned. A dry towel, the clean glove.
✔ Innovative technology: from 2017, Quiskin gloves are formed by QUI-fibers. The QUI-fibers are nano-fibers polyester and polyamide nano. Extremely thin, with a thickness of 0.13 DEN, they are 400 times thinner than a human hair. One gram contains 70000m. long and a cm2 100,000 ultra-microfibers approx. Thanks to being so thin and its triangular structure reach all skin imperfections which gives the glove a clean power without comparison, something that our skin appreciates. Less amount of movements compared to discs, from 60 to 20-30 movements.

✔ Satisfies the needs of contemporary women. Available in 2 sizes: both for cleaning at home and a travel accessory.

The Makeup Remover Glove: for people who do not put on makeup, do little makeup, or to take it on a trip.

The Cleaner Plus: people who make up more, or want to clean the body, even babies.

✔ Other uses:

In addition to the face it can also be used for body cleansing.
It works very well both individually and in combination with other cleaning methods.
It can be used to clean the body and face without showering. If used in the morning or at night, it leaves the face and skin much cleaner than if we only washed our face in the traditional way.
In men with baldness allows to collect fat and sebum present in the scalp.
Clean the skin of babies or older people without showering.