Learn how to apply the DreamWeave Lip Voltage volumizer

The most innovative concept to fill and increase lips. Take your lips to the next level with automatic mixing technology. With a clinically proven peptide ingredient that builds collagen after 25 days of continued use.

With Lip Voltage giving volume to your lips has never been so easy! With more precision marking, easy to use and not dirty. With an advanced formula made and approved by American scientists that makes it unique. Automatic mixing technology with "Dual Precision" dosing system. It allows 7 different levels, customizable according to your sensitivity, from no tingle (no tingling) to hot (hot), resetting it as many times as you want. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

It is very simple to use:

1- Release the locking system.

2- Remove the cap, make sure the applicator is clean.

3- Turn the selector and choose your voltage.

4- Once selected, push the base up to release the mixture.

5- If it stings excessively, return to "JUST PLUMP, DO NOT TINGLE" and press twice to start over.

6- Clean before mixing again with the desired level.

7- Massage in the lip contour line for best results.