Did you know that Ozone can help you prevent the feared athlete's foot?

The increase in temperature, humidity and greater physical activity means that in summer the risk of contracting a fungal infection is triggered. The greatest use of swimming pools is the perfect breeding ground for contagion by these primitive organisms that live in the air, soil, plants and water and reproduce by small spores that can be inhaled and come into contact With people easily.

8% of people who choose the pool in summer end up developing athlete's foot, the most common form of fungal infection, according to the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (Seimc). The symptoms of this infection are itching and burning, while the skin between the brittle and scaly toes is noticeable. Adults have a higher risk of contracting this disease than children.

Contagion may be due to:

1) Direct transmission from person to person or in contact with flaky skin

2) Although the feet are the most sensitive extremities to infection, fungi can also appear on the nails, hands or English through towels, contaminated clothing, etc.

3) Contagion with moist surfaces (swimming pools, showers, saunas, gyms, spas, etc.) where the fungus, thanks to the warm and humid environment persists for months although there is a very good cleaning. To reduce as much as possible the risk of developing a fungal infection, experts recommend prevention by following the following warnings:

At the installation level: - Correct and periodic cleaning of the facilities. - Use products that prevent the proliferation of these fungi in the water used.

At the individual level: -Do not walk barefoot on wet floors (edge ​​of swimming pools, showers, ...). - Dry the body well and wash / dry the towels used. -Use personal hygiene products that have bactericidal and germicidal properties.

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