The Ozone, our best ally


Ozone has different uses and applications but its benefits for our skin are multiple, among which the following stand out:

ANTIOXIDANT: Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, and thanks to its antioxidant characteristic eliminates oxygen free radicals that are those that cause aging or other dermatological problems, such as skin problems such as cellulite, stretch marks, acne, spots, wrinkles, etc.

IMMUNOMODULATOR: Stimulates immune defenses, stimulates white blood cells, which increases the body's defenses against external aggressions, such as infections. OXYGEN Improves cellular oxygenation. Stimulates epidermis glycosis, which is the fundamental source of energy for all cells.

REGENERATOR: It is a circulatory activator. After the use of ozone, the blood improves its ability to circulate through the narrowest microcapillaries, thus improving microcirculation and stimulating the regeneration of different types of tissue, which is why it is very useful in aesthetic applications such as cellulite, sagging , wrinkles, scars, etc.

GERMICIDA AND BACTERICIDE: Able to eliminate (or inactivate) all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ozone forms toxic molecules such as hydrogen peroxide, and very toxic free radicals (such as superoxide), which are especially toxic to anaerobic microorganisms, since they lack endogenous enzyme systems capable of breaking down these products and eliminating them from the body. This germicidal and bactericidal function helps a lot in the elimination and appearance of skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, fungi, wounds, infections, etc. That is why the use of ozone is especially beneficial in areas where fungi and bacteria proliferate such gyms, swimming pools, hotels, etc.

AESTHETICS / AESTHETIC MEDICINE: Thanks to the help in the regeneration of the skin, ozone is very suitable to help in the treatment of: Cellulite: facilitates drainage of the area and purifies the microclimate of fatty tissue. Herpes simplex and zoster, acne, eczema Herpetic ulcers, skin virosis Burns / wound healing Psoriasis, dermatitis.

In the field of aesthetics, ozone offers multiple benefits, acts on the skin as a powerful cell activator that improves blood circulation, there are products that are ozonized, for a greater benefit such as: creams, gels, emulsions for the treatment of skin and skin in general.

Mymoos offers ozone soaps and ozone bath salt, for those skins that need extra care.