About us

MYMOOS offers products to people who appreciate the entrance of new technologies in the world of beauty, who appreciate the highest quality, ease of use, comfort and effectiveness. We firmly believe that skin care must be "accessible" to everyone, without exception. Our goal is that many people can benefit from the positive and endogenous effects of our products, regardless of their gender, age or status.

This is possible thanks to the fact that Mymoos puts high quality products on the market at the lowest possible cost, minimizing everything that we consider superfluous and increasing the final cost of the products: without scale advertising, , we make the marketing by ourselves, etc, etc. Thus we offer the customer the possibility to try our products without having to bet a large sum of money for a product that then does not convince him, but we also know that it will repeat.

MYMOOS is the exclusive distributor for all Spain of all the brands of our web.

What is crucial for MYMOOS. Our values:

  • High quality of our products: we make a careful selection of European brands and manufacturers. Loyalty to our customers thanks to good products and good value for money is our reason for being.
  • Guarantee-results: before putting the products on our website, we try them all and we reject those that do not meet our expectations. 
  • Service: personal attitude towards each client, we guide to choose the right product. Each skin is different, and not all products are suitable for all skins, so feel free to ask before buying and we will guide you with sincerity if the product is suitable (or not) for your skin.
  • Innovation and ease use: we look for innovative products, easy to use and most importantly, with results so anyone can benefit from them, without needing to have knowledge of beauty.

About us. Our experience:

  • We have more than 5 years of experience in other companies at the cosmetic sector making the "product selection". This gives us a solid knowledge of the market and assessment capacity for the selection of international brands and products, not yet known in Spain, that meet the requirements that we ourselves would like as a consumer.
  • We offer products that excite us, because we understand that this is the only way to work in this business. Our products are the result of the continuous search of European brands that offer innovative products, and that after numerous tests, questions, curiosity and rejection, we choose those that, under our criteria, offer the best results and the best value for money.
  • MYMOOS offers its clients high-quality cosmetic products, which will help them to treat or reduce skin imperfections, and show that skin care can also be cheerful and funny.

Where we are ... and where we want to be ... Our vision of the future:

MYMOOS wants that everyone can enjoy good products at a good price. In terms of new products, we will continue to be alert to market developments and visiting international fairs, thus expanding our product portfolio as long as they meet the MYMOOS requirements: innovation, quality, efficiency.
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Welcome to the MYMOOS world!